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Colon Flush -Loose Tea



Recommended you take along with Iron herbs for blood purification and Diatomaceous Earth for metal toxicity detox.


Boil 2 tablespoons in a cup of water and take twice a day at least 30 minutes before meals.

Can add Lime, Baobab and Cayenne to make it palatable.


Senna Occidentalis and Cascara Sagrada.

Store in a cool dry place

Expectant mothers should take colon flush only under guidance.

Allow 2-3 days indoors as you start to better understand your washrooms clock and plan accordingly for the remaining Detox Period. We recommend atleast 21Days.

How it Works

If you are taking in 3 Meals-a-Day, which adds up to 21 meals in a week and you have only one Bowel Movement in a Day, that means 14 Meals are backed up in the Colon. An average adult carries around 5-10 Kgs of rotting Faecal Matter. This creates the perfect environment for parasites, pathogens to breed as it strains organs with Inflammation.


  • Removes putrid faecal matter thus allowing Seamoss and other Herbs minerals to be efficiently absorbed.
  • Sets stage for blood, lymph and organs detoxification thus promoting Alkalinity.
  • Powerful in Constipation, Food poisoning, Indigestion, Gastritis, Tummy Cut and Weightloss.

Check product gallery for more tips. Beware of how stubborn Inflammation is, when it notices its home is being dislodged, it will give all sorts of detox symptoms-nausea,headache, sore exits. Don’t let that scare you,it is all worth it as you can read stories of those who have done the journey before you.

DISCLAIMER: These are Natural Mineral Supplements. We are not Medical Practitioners.

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