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We offer wild-crafted alkaline products, wellness tips, custom-designed detox protocol, our best experiences, and recipes to help you commit to healthy and fulfilling habits. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than physical health, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

We envision a life where no human spirit has to suffer pain in this realm. We hope to be a resource on where to feed your body and spirit while having some holistic fun. Since our souls chose to be in this realm together, let us escort each other home. Energy is all there in this universe.

Many of us regard the physical matter as all there is to life. Atoms are the basic unit of any matter and cells (in lay terms) are the basic unit of our physical bodies. They thrive incredibly well under positive energy and a conducive environment. Like atoms, when granted the right environment cells obey the laws of nature /universe that the Creator ingrained.

Nature is Orderly, Nature is Intelligent, Nature is ALKALINE.

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We guide you through a Detox Protocol based majorly on Dr. Sebi’s #AfricanBiomineralBalance,  Dr. Morse, and Africanism

Our anchor herb is Wildcrafted Glacilaria Seamoss which is critical to help you transition into #AlkalineElectric foods. We also avail to you most of the Approved Herbs, Food, Oils, and body butter to make the #HealThySelf journey convenient.

You will be surprised weight gain, flu, fatigue are all a sign that the body is fighting #Inflammation.

Our logo, the beautiful Lotus or Water Lily flower symbolizes; Eternity, Purity, Beauty, Rebirth, Enlightenment. It is the only plant in Nature that thrives in murky waters. It blooms diligently irrespective of its environment. Its flowers open up with a Glow at sunrise and close down at sunset.

Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition: even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower.

The cell is the smallest unit in the body and cells are called the ‘building blocks of life’. They support the body to carry each of its minute functions. The body loves you, it is always working to support you to thrive. Many times, we do not love the body back and end up eating ‘CRAP’ that makes the cells have to live within murky environs. Nature is forgiving, they still make an effort to support us to be ‘Alive’ amidst the environment we predispose them to.

Cellular Regeneration is very dependant on the ‘Sun’. The Quality of our Life as humans is basically controlled by;

  1. WHAT WE EAT…natural,organic plantlife is richest and relies on photosynthesis to thrive.
  2. SEROTONIN – the Feel Good hormone produced during the day.
  3. MELATONIN – the hormone that gives us some ‘ShutDown’ capacity. Our bodies regenerate at Night during our Sleeptime. Quality Sleep is critical to health for this reason.

All the 3 determinants are controlled by the ‘Sun’, enjoy your Sunrise like the Lotus Flower and thrive.Take advantage of the ‘Sunset’ to support the body in regeneration.

In this element, the ‘Cell’ and the ‘WaterLily’ have a lot in common. When we #Cleanse the Cells with Natural products; #Nourish them with alkaline proper nutrition, the Cells reward us with a #Glow and Beauty like the Lotus Flower. We end up alligned with Nature and thriving is Natural, #Growth is Inevitable.

Green denotes ‘Growth’. We all chase Growth in the different facets of Life but many a times, we forget the basic unit of life….The Cell. Growth without Knowledge may be a futile chase.They say; “… people perish for lack of knowledge.” It is our calling as Cell Glo Wellness to disseminate knowledge and avail to you natural products that will assist you to achieve Growth and eternal Glow.

Gold is a rare commodity but did you know it is one of the minerals the body is made up of? It denotes Vitality and Power. Ancient civilisation knew the importance of this mineral in their Enlightenment journey, this even led to production of Ormus. Do you know many of the Carbon based Alkaline Electric foods and herbs contain Gold? Chase the natural sources of Vitality.

Nature is #Alkaline and full of ‘greenery’ and our vision is to help you create a Lush You, just like Nature. Through this enlightenment, let us all endevour to allign back to nature.You are #Royalty, let our Purple colour theme remind you that, as you can commit to an #AlkalineMucuslessLifestyle. Health is the greatest Wealth you will ever hold.

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