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Wild Vervain Tea-100gms



Our mentor, Dr. Sebi used this herb to treat the following conditions;

Abscesses, Arthritis, Asthma, Bone bruises (contusions), Burns; for arthritis, Chest pain (angina), Cold symptoms, Depression, Digestive disorders, Dislocations, Exhaustion, Fever (and recovery after fever), Fluid retention (due to heart failure), Gallbladder pain, Generalized seizure, Gout, Hysteria, Increasing milk flow (if breast feeding), Iron-poor blood (anaemia), Irregular menstruation, Itching, Jaundice, Joint pain (rheumatism), Kidney and lower urinary tract disorders, Liver and gallbladder disease, Menopause, Metabolic disorders, Nervous conditions, Other conditions of the mouth and throat, Pain, Sore throats, Spasms, Whooping cough, Wounds.

DISCLAIMER: These are Natural Mineral Supplements. We are not Medical Practitioners.

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