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Oyster Mushrooms- Dried 50gms


Farmed in Kitale
NB: 10Kgs of Fresh Oyster mushrooms = 1Kg Dried form
How to Use
In this Alkaline Lifestyle, Mushrooms are our approved Meats replacement. Oyster is the perfect Chicken replacement.
  1. To reconstitute to a texture close to fresh, soak in boiling water for at least 10 minutes.
  2. You can then enjoy the rich flavor in your stir-fries, gravies, soups, falafels, VEGAN omelette, frittata, pies, pizza, stews, kebabs, quiches, sausages, pilau, meatloaf.
  3. Remember, Wildcrafted Seamoss is your perfect egg, yeast replacement, the emulsifying and binding agent in recipes.
  4. Garbanzo bean/ Chickpeas flour is great for making frittatas and quiches. Quinoa or fonio is the perfect rice replacement for alkaline pilau/jollof rice.
  5. Try spelled flour breadcrumbed oyster mushrooms,deep fried in sesame oil or airfried for a Faux crispy ‘kfc’ chicken taste.
Health Benefits
  • Full of nutrients,yet low in calories. Supports weight loss and management.
  • Rich in antioxidants, may reduce cancer risk.
  • Their anti-inflammatory properties make them a potent immune booster.
  • Rich in fibre thus great for cholesterol management and promotes heart health.
  • Low in sodium, rich in calcium, zinc,vitamin D- supports blood pressure and arthritis management.
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